Aromatherapy is a fantastic method for healing mind, body and soul using natural aromatic essential oils like Rose, Lavender, Orange, Juniper and Frankincense. An aromatherapy treatment is not only for healing individual problems, it is a whole body

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holistic, physical and psychological experience.

Introduction to Aromatherapy “ When we peel an orange, walk through a rose garden or rub lavender between our fingers, we are all aware of the special scent of that plant. But what exactly is it that we smell? Generally speaking, it is essential oils which give spices and herbs their specific scent and flavour, flowers and fruit their perfume” ( Julia Lawless, 1992)

What are essential oils? All essential oils are all extracted from flowers, herbs, trees or spices. They are organic compounds that occur naturally in a wide variety of different species, and can be found in leaves (rosemary), blossoms (rose), fruits (orange), wood (cedar)resin (Frankincense).

The term “ aromatherapy” was first used in the 1920s, but the knowledge of how to extract and apply essential oils is very ancient art. The ancient Egyptian, Indian, Chinese cultures made use of many aromatic oils. Recently, the benefits of natural products are being re-assessed and re-evaluated. Introducing plant botanical aromatics back into our lifestyle presents a healthy and enjoyable alternative to the many synthetic fragrances with which we are surrounded.

The general effects of aromatherapy – Reduction in stress and tension – Feeling of well-being, balance and calm – Antibacterial effects of oil help the body to heal – Support improve the immune system.

Hot Stone Massage uses heated volcanic basalt stones placed on specific areas of the body or energy points to aidHot stonescirculation, calm the nervous system and aid relaxation. These smooth stones are also used during the massage to help ease out any tension.
Reflexology is a great technique where pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the hands and Reflexologyfeet. These correspond to an organ in the body and help encourage and stimulate the body’s own healing powers.
Swedish Massage uses carrier oils to massage and heal your body. Using alternate gentle and firm pressure helps to improve your health and maintains your physical and mental balance.